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Noir Recommends started in 2010 and has since then become an in demand podcast and a trademark for Noir and his well-respected curating skills for the underground club scene. 
The podcast was a monthly podcast for the first 7 years but in 2017 Noir turned it into a weekly show introducing his “live-sets” from all around the world.
 Today its mostly live sets recorded around the globe mixed up with a few studio sessions and special shows such as “The best of 2017” etc.
In each episode Noir tells a little about the club enviroment in which the set was recorded as well as the music and artists presented in the show. A lot of djs and music lovers follow Noir Recommends intensely to be up to date on the latest releases and cool trends in underground club music.
As Noir Recommends is live recorded the episodes showcase Noir’s diversity and dynamic way of djing from melodic deephouse to dark and throbbing techno.

The embodiment of passion, spontaneity and innovation, NOIR has
carved the roots of the underground house and techno scene since
his emergence in 2004. In a time of electronic music saturation,
his refusal to settle for mediocracy has pivoted his name to a
reign amongst the international music scene. Passion informs his
practice; heart is the power behind his creativity, he is soulfully
dynamic, zealous and above all, dedicated to the community of
music. Powerful performances that amass bass driven movement
with energetic highs, that resonate with each heart in the crowd.
NOIR has an implicit ability to craft music that channels raw,
emotive and dark songs that exude a level of sophisticated house
and techno production.

Drawing early inspiration from the dark, lyrical and organic hallmarks of
musicians such as The Cure, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack and New Order, Noir
continues to expand and redefine electronic music through his unique blending
of genres, evidenced in his vast productions. As a master of production, NOIR
individually nurtures each of his creations from concept to execution; each of his
performances are unique with individually crafted sets fuelled by the energy in
the room and what he is feeling in that very moment.
Pioneer of underground electronic music and an undeniable forecaster, NOIR
is an industry leader and curator through his multifaceted approach to the
industry. He is the owner of successful music labels, Noir Music, NM2, Lovesine
and Klimaks Records which were formed to house his ever so variant taste
and create a platform for stars to be seen and heard in the musical landscape,
producing over 300 releases in the past 10 years, and held multiple top ten spots
on the RA and Beatport charts. He is the founder of the Darkstars, event brand
and hosts globally acclaimed podcast, Noir Recommends; the latter which has
amassed a cult following and propelled some of the biggest names in the house
and techno scene. This long-standing podcast has built a community of music
enthusiasts all over the globe and become a catalyst to launch top charting hits
from both leading DJ’s and the rising stars of tomorrow.
Noir has been travelling the world for the past 10 years playing almost
everywhere including coveted residencies across multiple venues in the
electronic music mecca Ibiza, Noir is a reigning leader in both the favourable
underground and international circuits, further cementing his position as a world
class producer and performer.

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